Wednesday, February 19, 2014

JoAnn's little tin cup

All of us know and love JoAnn, but how many of you know she once stood on the street with a little tin cup and got change from strangers?
I really think I should explain this...
We had moved from Dallas to Sherman. Housing was almost impossible to find, but our parents did find a place on Elm St. On one side the street there had at some point been businesses  along that one half block. Most of them were gone except for a barber shop and small cafe..the rest were rented to people looking for a temporary place to live. It was less than an ideal place to live,but sometime you have no choice. It was a rather busy street because of the barber shop and cafe plus there was a grocery store across the street along with a used car lot and service station on the corner.
Daddy and mother both worked and I was in school. JoAnn was 5 years old. Daddy's s-mother  lived with us and watched JoAnn. Children do get out of your site at times and this happened, she got her little cup and preceded to stand out there on the sidewalk just out our front door. At some point grandma missed her and discovered what she was doing and promply got her in. Daddy and mother got the news when they got home and to say they were horrified is putting a gentle touch on it.
Needless to say, her career ended with a screeching halt!!!.I have no idea how many day's she got by with this before being caught or how much money she brought in. One thing you can say about this 5 year old kid..she knew early on that money was a good thing to have.
By the way, sissy what did you spend that money on????


  1. I don't remember if I spent the money or not. I really don't know what happened to it. I just remember I was told not to do that any more. If I remember right I did it several times. May have gotten by with it several times before I was caught OR I did it again anyway and didn't get caught.

  2. Jo, I didn't know that you were an Entrepreneur at such a early wonder you do so well at everything so wonderful since you started at such a young the stories we find out here in the family history.

  3. Yes, Anne she did start at an early age and has been good at everything she does since...I said in the article that her career came to a screaching halt, but according to her comment above yours it may not have stopped. Think she was just a little more sneaky about it??