Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Good Ole' Days??

How many times have we heard the expression "in the good old days'?  Esther always kind of chuckles when she hears that because she doesn't necessarily think they were that good in so much as the work chores go.  You will hear more about it in the sections she will be writing.

The purpose of the newsletter is not another "facebook" however, everybody would enjoy people's banter back and forth if they wanted.  The main purpose though is to create a record for our families as we are scattered and this is a place to come to and know more about our extended families. If it wasn't for this site there are a lot of things we wouldn't know about each other. 

What Esther is going to write about is how things were done "back then." I don't know everything she is going to write about I'm sure she will make it interesting and besides we will have the record.

This site will never be finished. It is an ongoing thing and everybody is welcome to come over and read. Each family member is encouraged to come and post "your story."

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