Monday, April 21, 2014

Laundry day.

I walked into my laundry room. I dropped a soft gel pac of detergent into the washing machine, loaded my clothes, pushed a button on the machine, closed the door. I then went about whatever I wanted to do or needed to do and in a short period of time my clothes were ready to put over into my dryer. I put them in the dryer and did other things and in a short period of time they were ready to remove and fold up.
This was not the case for our mother and other women years ago when wash day arrived. First of all daddy would build a fire around the old black wash pot that sat in our backyard. He had at some point cut the wood and carried it to the house and piled it near the wash pot. He then drew water from the well and not only filled the pot with water but about 3 more tubs of water to be used for rinsing. Mother then would put in a cake of lye soap that she had made and the rub board that she would use that day to scrub the clothes. She would have a week's worth of laundry to do and the work clothes that had been worn in the fields were always really dirty. She scrubbed each piece of clothing bent over a washboard until every piece was clean. Sheets and towels got pretty heavy in that water and everything had to be wrung out by hand and put over in the other tubs for rinsing. Each piece was rinsed, put in the second tub for a second rinsing and then the third. This last tub I remember usually had some 'blueing' added to it. The purpose there was to make the clothes whiter. Finally, laundry done she can hang the clothes on long clotheslines to dry. A lot of times these were still on the lines to bring in when we kids got in from school..I am sure I grumbled about having to help bring them in...Of course, in the summer time we really had something to grumble about because we had the opportunity to help with the washing.
As I look back over the years, I realize how good we have it today...Things we now take for granted  were a real chore to do back then. I am glad that mother and Leland's mother had the opportunity to have some modern conviences before they died. I bet they appreciated them more than we do.

We really need to:
Count our many blessing
name them one by one
Count our many blessings
and see what God had done.

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