Sunday, October 5, 2014

I just can't help this year but add some things about my sweet mother, I know she is with the Lord and I wouldn't have her come back to her painful life that she lived here on earth for anything. Although I do find that I miss her still very much. Especially when different dates will come about that will have a special significance to me. This is October already and it is now a year since mom made the decision to go to Canton Oaks. Her first day there was on October 7th 2013. I don't know where the time has gone this year but it has. She was a brave little lady, she always told me 'I will know when it is time' and she did. She loved her family and the Lord, nothing pleased her more than to talk to her grandsons and find out what was going on in their lives, she loved to be involved in all their things and she loved to know about her great-grand children, and all that they were doing. She also loved being with her sisters, they always had a great time together and always had pictures to share with us, it just wouldn't be a visit without those cute pictures that are a treasure now.
I ran across a 'Thank You' card from her to me the other day, it reads: 'I can say "Thank You" but that doesn't cover what your did. They don't make a "card" big enough to say "Thank You". I love you and appreciate the things you do. Love, Mom.  (I am thankful for a great Mother.)

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  1. Anne, that is so sweet..JoAnn and I miss her too..There have been times and ,I think JoAnn said the same, that sometime we think about something and start to call her. You never quit missing our loved ones. I think of mother and daddy and so wish to see them again..even Charles and he was killed so many years ago...One thing though, isn't it great that on sweet day we will see them again and it will be FOREVER.Love you honey.