Thursday, October 9, 2014

My recent trip to Walmart

OK....I am aware that we all have more important issues going on in our lives than mine and Leland's trip to Walmart. We didn't have as much as we usually do but more than we should have had for the express lane. I got in lane 9. There was one man checking out and looked to be about finished. A couple then had their groceries loaded ready to be checked out when the other person was finished. I got behind them and then noticed that lane 10 didn't have anyone behind the woman checking out. I made my usual mistake by changing lanes. After I started putting my groceries up I noticed that she had a paper with Kroger's sales..we all know Walmart honors other store's sales. She had a basket full of groceries already checked and bagged and looked like she was about through.WRONG. He rang up her bill and said something about $254.00. This is where the WRONG comes in...she wasn't through, she had a handfull of coupons ..I do believe she must have had 60-80 of them. Well, the lady that had gotten behind me and had started putting her things up..started unloading hers and went to a checker that had almost finished. In looking around we didn't see any other lane anywhere near being through so we stayed put. Well, he started substracting her coupons and she was watching  that he got everyone of them in...then tragedy struck!!! The computer didn't take one of them and she was upset and told him that she had bought everything that she had coupons for..that didn't bother the computer any, it still wouldn't take it...same thing happened several times and finally she just took back her coupons that it didn't take..When he finished..guess what??? It wouldn't take them..said too many coupons..soooo, he had to get someone over there to override that..whew..Not gonna believe what happened next, but folks she took those coupons that weren't accepted and said " I'm not buying these things" and she and the girl with her started going through her basket of bagged 'stuff' to remove those items. Hey, we had had enough so Leland and I unloaded our groceries and was going to go 'somewhere'..turned out the lady that had moved her things earlier was almost through so we went to her register..and OH, the couple that I been in line before I moved to lane 10..with had checked out and was probaly home before we got out.
Now understand I am for saving money as much as anyone, but do you not think that  there could be an answer for this?...Perhaps Walmart could have a policy that if you were going to use other store's sales and had a lot of coupons that you could alert the cashier beforehand and perhaps close that lane temporaly..they usually have more closed lane's than open ones anyway...
One reason we have shopped at Walmart as much as we have is that they have so many things other than groceries  that we use. I am shopping more and more though at other places because of closed lanes and long lines.

Here is Jack's (our g-grandson Bible verse.)
Everything God made is beautiful.
"crazy-elastes" 3:11

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