Saturday, January 31, 2015

I had the most wonderful time this week, I got to spend the day with my two special Aunties and my cousin. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, nice and sunny just a great day. Our roots and special memories lay in the historical town of Sherman, Texas, the times go back farther in history than my time but I have heard so many stories of our family I have felt that I knew them. We had a Dr. Neathery in our family of whom helped with the Wilson N. Jones hospital there and we also had a pharmacist in our family in another little town close by. We each had so many stories of things we remembered at my grandmother's house when we were little and all the things we did in the summers we spent at their house it was hard to get them all into the day. We also visited all the place's that my grandmother and grandfather had lived and my aunt's found places where they lived when each of them had married, of course things had changed over this many years but our heart memories are the ones we will treasure. My cousin was sweet to show us where the old Ashburn Ice Cream store used to stand, my grandfather loved to take us there for ice cream, what a treat that was.

Here we are on the porch swing: I love my family and we will visit again.

posted: by Anne


  1. It was a wonderful day of memories. I loved every minute of the time spent with you, JoAnn and Sharon. Need I say we laughed until we hurt?

  2. It was a fun day for sure! Maybe we can have a family reunion someday.
    We have a great family.