Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain."

It is very hard for me to realize that my precious mother has been gone a year now, more than that to not have gotten to talk to her for this long of a time. I guess not a day would go by that we didn't talk to each other, most days we may have called each other several times a day and I miss that a lot. I did go to the mausoleum with my husband and one of her sisters. We were able to put new flowers in the vases for both my mom and dad. I wanted it to be pretty again for them, or maybe it was for me. We had a nice day and enjoyed my visit with my auntie very much and we got to do a little shopping too.

I would like to share something with a bit more 'happy' here, today I have been putting away some of the photo albums that belong to my mother, I am so thankful that she was one to save wonderful memories, it gives me a glimpse back in time to some special family gatherings and our family. I did pretty good until I ran across her memory book that her sisters made for her 80th birthday. They did such a wonderful job putting that together, many happy wishes from all the families and there was one that among the tears I got to have a little time of laughter. It was from my cousin Sharon. She would come and stay with us in the summer sometime and this one time was something she shared as a memory in the book:
"One summer when it was time for me to leave you and Weldon put me on the bus in downtown Dallas to head home. Not far into the trip I noticed the sign at the head of the bus said CHICAGO, I was horrified and certain you put me on the wrong bus, and spent the entire ride in fear of never seeing my family again. Relief came when the bus pulled off at Van Alstyne and there was Mother waiting for me...Sharon"
We are all glad Sharon made it back home safe, and I don't remember if that was her last trip to see us or not. We don't always get to see each other as often as we like but we have love for our family.

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