Thursday, February 5, 2015

Memories of Our Day in Sherman - Continued

The sun was shining and it was warm on January 29, 2015. A perfect day for the four of us to go out together and have a good time. Esther, Sharon, Anne and myself.  We all decided we would drive around Sherman and look at the houses we had lived in there. All of us had lived in Sherman and we
all had memories of the places we had lived.

First off though I have to tell you after Anne got to Esther and Leland's that morning, Esther and I were in the living room talking. Leland decided to slip up behind Anne and startle her. Well, he startled her alright. So bad she jumped and screamed and it startled him. I had my back to them so it startled me. All three us was yelling. Not Esther, she was facing them and she was the only one knew what was going on. That goes on all the time their house when Leland is around. Once, I was backing our of their driveway and Leland yelled as if he was hurt and it scared me because I thought I had run over him.

Our first stop in Sherman was to the mausoleum where Ione and Weldon are buried. It has been a year since she passed away. If she was still here she would have been with us on this day.

 Anne told us of a story about her and Ione. Anne said she was a latch key which means she
had to come home after school with her key and let herself in because Weldon and Ione were at work. She always called Ione at work to let her know she was home. Anne was given a nickel to ride the bus home from school but she decided to walk home instead and save her nickel. She would walk with other kids and she walked on a drainage pipe on part of the journey home. Which was dangerous besides snakes being around. Ugh! Ione found out about it and told Anne she better not do that any more. AND, she better not tell her a story (lie) anymore or she would get a spanking. The next day Ione asked her did she walk home and Anne told her she did and showed her the nickel she saved. So Ione gave her a spanking. Anne protested because she told Ione she didn't lie about it. Ione said she was getting a spanking because she walked home on the drainage pipe. A little misunderstanding. Either way Anne didn't understand she was in trouble for doing either one. One other time Anne was protesting about something and Ione told her if she didn't like the way things were going on she could get her grip (suitcase) and go her own way. Anne thought about it a few days and decided to have a talk with Ione. So they sat down and Anne in her serious way said if they didn't want her any more then she decided she would rather go to an orphans home. Ione had no idea Anne had been stewing and wondering what she was going to do for the last few days.

When we lived on Montgomery street I remember Esther bleached her socks and when she walked to town that Saturday they fell apart from so much bleach. Wonder what she did after she got to town?
Look like a kid with raggedy socks? Back then we walked just about everywhere.

I met my husband Wayne while living in Sherman. The house shown here is a picture we took that day we were in Sherman. I lived there with mother and daddy and this is where we lived when I met and dated Wayne. A friend of mine I went to school with called me on a Saturday afternoon and asked if I would go on a blind date. I told her I was going skating that night and she could bring her friend and the blind date. I said I didn't go on blind dates but if they came out to the skating rink  I would skate by and check them out, and if both of them looked o.k..( I didn't know which would be my date) I would skate over to them, but if I didn't I would just keep on skating and she would know to leave without me. As I skated by they both looked o.k. so I skated over and found out which one was my date. It wasn't Wayne, he was my friend's date. Anyway, long story short I wound up dating Wayne and we got married.  Each time we dated he would bring me home to the house shown and he would then go drink coffee at a truck stop down on the highway. After leaving there he would drive back by this house and lightly tap his horn. I would be watching for him and I would look out the window. The front one on the right.

We had such a fun day that day last week. We talked and shared memories and then we had our pictures taken together on Sharon's front porch. What a memory. There is nothing like family!! Love to all our extended families as well.  Written February 5, 2015
 P.S.  Years later we found out Sharon's future husband, David Pedigo lived on the next street over behind this house facing the same way ours is facing. I didn't know it then but I used to walk down this side street by David's house to see another girlfriend of mine. Little did I know that one day I would work at the same place as the young man that lived there and he would marry my niece. As Louie Armstrong sings, "What a wonderful world!"


  1. Well said, we did enjoy this day so much. Funny I never heard about the socks, that would be one to remember, we may need to have another day to tell our stories....Anne

  2. Well said, we did enjoy this day so much. Funny I never heard about the socks, that would be one to remember, we may need to have another day to tell our stories....Anne

  3. yes sissy those socks weren't even good for a rag bag..they were just shreds as I remember..I guess you can get too much bleach in the laundry.