Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Leland, Wayne, Alex and Olivia

Anyone who knows Leland and Wayne are aware of how they love to aggravate children. The other day Wayne had Olivia and Alex with him. Lori needed to sleep that day because she had to work that night so he had picked up Alex. Shauna was at work so he had Olivia too. Beth had some errands and was not going to be home at lunch so I ask him to bring the kiddos and have lunch with us.
Olivia and Alex play so well together and all was going great. Guess it was all too great for Leleand. He and Olivia were sitting on the sofa and Alex was on the coffee table facing them. Leland took the opportunity to annoy Alex so he leaned over and 'pretended' to whisper something to Olivia while looking at Alex, she played along and bent over and wispered too and Alex yelled "I HEARD THAT'.
Leland accomplished his purpose.
Meanwhile I was making lunch and did some cup cakes for the kiddos when they got in from school. After lunch Olivia wanted one and when she told Alex she had eaten a cupcake he came running in for his. At this time Wayne was in the kitchen and he got Alex his cupcake. All of a sudden Alex said "I'M NOT EATING THAT" and kinda stomped out of the kitchen. I ask Wayne what was wrong..Well, my 66 year old son had a grin from ear to ear and said  "I just licked some of the icing off and he didn't want it". Well..duh..anyway, since Alex wouldn't eat it ( I don't blame him) Wayne just smoothed the icing around on it and put it back and said "He won't ever know it". I thought about all those hungry kids in China  mother always told me about when I wouldn't eat something and thought 'what the heck' and just put more icing on it..
Later he went to school and picked up Abby and Grayson and true to form they were starved so I  showed them the cupcakes. Grayson just said "do you have any cornbread?" Actually, I did have about 8-10 sticks bagged in the refrigator and I just gave them all to him. Guess what? Abby and Olivia wanted those too and I think I saw Alex eating one..Suddenly the cupcakes were not popular and they went on to play. Only two cupcakes then were eaten .Wayne ate one and Alex wanted one but I noticed he was looking them over to see if he could find the earlier one so I don't know who ended up eating it. I sent the rest on home by Beth when she got in.

Col. 3:21
Fathers, do ot provoke your children
to anger, lest they become discouraged.


  1. Leland and Wayne... They love to aggravate the poor children

    Bless their hearts

  2. I guess Leland and Wayne are still kids too?

  3. I see no hope of either one ever growing up..we can add David to that too.