Thursday, April 2, 2015

Jack's chocolate pie

In our family chocolate pie is one dessert that most everyone likes and is usually on the dessert menu.
On one family get together Jack ask Jenny, his mom, "did you get any chocolate pie to take home" She told him she did and they got into a descussion about the pie and since Jack really likes to help cook she ask him if he would like to come to grandma's sometime and make one..Well, yes he would.
Last Saturday  they were able to come.Jack was anxious to get started so after hand washing we got 'at it'. First thing I needed to explain to Jack was the pie crust he would be useing..there was  a time I would not have allowed a ready made crust in my kitchen. Time changes things and since I discovered those ready made pie crust that you only need to unroll and put in the pie plate I have been a steady customer. Jack did a great job unrolling and placeing the crust in the plate, and getting it ready for the oven. Next was the fun part  mixing up the ingredients. I explained to him that he would need to sift the coco, flour and sugar together. OK Jack we need 3 T' coco..little hands measured out 3T more or less. Then 4T flour..same thing more or less. I do believe we got the correct amount of milk and eggs. He did need some help on seprating those. He told me he could break the eggs but he couldn't seprate them  so I had to help with that..He got it all mixed up real good and we put it in the microwave to cook. When it was done he added the butter, somewhere close to 1/2 stick. Now in all fairness to Jack on not getting exactly the corrected amount on each ingredient is because I seldom pay too much attention to that..just so it's close. Actually, that isn't a good idea.
He put the cooked pie pudding into the crust that was done. Next beat the egg whites for the meringue. He covered the pie real well and put it in a cold oven and browned at 320 degrees for about 15 minutes or until it was golden brown. His pie was not only beautiful it was delicious.I hope Jack had as much fun making the pie as I did watching him put it all together.

I want to be so full of Christ that
when a mosquito bites me,
she flies away singing
"There is power on the blood"

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  1. I need for you to send me your Neathery Chocolate Pie recipe....Please