Friday, July 24, 2015

Our Country

 Since the supreme court made the decision on gay marriage, it has been debated whether or not that the supreme court made the law or interpreted the law.  Below is a statement from Ted Cruz . I think he said it best because he states exactly what happened. Ted Cruz  made a good point.  It was never meant to be that a few appointed elite judges to make laws for our country.
What about next time they make a decision? If they start doing this, next time it might be something that takes away something we value very much such as our freedom, which in some cases we see already. Why is the nation not angry about this? Not necessarily about the decision they made on gay marriage but the fact they made something a law without voter's representation. The way our forefathers designed our system. Have we become so accustomed to the government doing what they want, so many executive orders bypassing congress to make laws that it has become "business as usual." Our Presidents have the power to make executive orders, however executive orders were never intended to be used on the premise that Congress was not doing their job therefore it is ok to go around them. If Congress is not doing their job then it is up to the people to vote them out. More and more it appears "the people" of this great country are losing their voice.

  I remember Wayne telling me a few years ago the supreme court's job is to interpret the law, not make the law. He recognized it then the supreme court was moving that way. In this case it appears to me there is little doubt they made the law. It became the law of the land without representation of the people. Below is Ted Cruz's statement in Houston Chronicle.

Cruz argued that whatever one's views of same-sex marriage, the issue should be decided by each state's voters or elected representatives, not a majority on the nine-member Supreme Court.
"We should be horrified at the notion that five unelected judges can seize for themselves the policy-making authority and take it from the American people," Cruz said. "We did not establish philosopher-kings in the country. We did not establish rule by an unelected elite. … Indeed, that is the very definition of tyranny."

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