Friday, August 21, 2015

It was one of those day's ...very good!....August 20, 2015

Last week our niece Leslie, from just south of Denton had called a few days earlier that she and her daughter, Alli would love to come up and let us see Alli's new baby boy, Mason. "Of course, come up we would love to see all of you." August 12 was when they could come. That morning she called again..could she bring anything etc. Didn't want her to do that but remembered that Aug. 12th was   our niece Marji's birthday ( Marji is our nephew Bobby's wife.)  At this point we both thought a party was in order. Bobby and Marji were coming but had no idea we were going to do a birthday party for Marji. I called David and Sharon and they could come also Wayne, Beth and Alex could make it. Since I was just having sandwiches and trimmings it wasn't hard to ask Sharon to pick up some more sandwich meat. She did, and also brought a container of cut up watermelon and Leslie brought a delicious dessert along with flowers for Marji and brought me beautiful minature roses. Of course 5 week old Mason was the main attraction!!! Such a cutie.
Marji was not expecting all this and was delighted.
We had a really nice day which just goes to show you don't always have to spend days of planning and cooking to have a special day with family.
Note to Leslie: That dessert was delicious, but you didn't tell us that each serving had a million calories..oh well, the extra pounds were worth it...

1 Corinthans 2:9
Eye has not seen,nor ear heard,
nor have entered into the
heart of man,
The things which God has
prepared for those who
love Him.

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