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Three Sisters Newsletter..December of 1997 and March 1998

As was mentioned in the last newsletter, we were going to do excerps from them..This one was from a newsletter in December 1997.

Warrington news:
Wayne, JoAnn, Ralph, Diana, Joseph and Courtney are to leave for California the 17th. to see Terri. That is if JoAnn doesn't have jury duty. She was to have it the last of October but begged  off because she was so busy and thinking it would be into the next year before they called her again but wrong they summoned her for December the 11th. She is fearing for her life that if she has to serve then she can't go to California. (note from Esther..It's my understanding, sissy, that they consider that a personal problem) sooo, my advice to you is to "stand up and hollor..hang 'em all, the lawyers too."
That should do it.

Terri's news:
She wrote to say that she has relatives coming, a whole slew of them.( guess she hasn't heard about the jury duty)..she calls them the Beverly Hillbillies. We are going to Rosarito Mexico to do some shopping, then we are going to ride the train to downtown Los Angeles. (gonna try to lose some of 'em there), but the ones who can keep up with me can do some sight seeing, star searching tour of HOLLYWOOD. Gonna show 'em RODEO ( RO-DAY-O) Drive scene too. The ones that do not get 'discovered'  in Hollywood (all of 'em) will continue the adventure  to Universal Hilton and stay there overnight. In the morning it's the Universal Studios tour and then if I can't get rid of 'em there they are to come home with me for Christmas. They are getting their presents on Thursday and then plan to leave the next morning.(Imagine that.)

Diana shoots back a with a response:
We may not get 'discovered' in Hollowood but we will be there for a day, she may kid us about that but someone needs to remind her that she that she has been out there darn near 10 years and she ain't  been discovered yet and shouldn't be making little snide remarks about us. As far as Universal Studios go if we are lucky we will lose her.. ha ha ha..
I never did find out how the jury duty went..esther

News from Ione:
Terri, Ione said to tell you the card was worth waiting for..whatever that means..Terri probably found one that said Happy birthday to my favorite aunt....Terri's favorite aunt happens to be the one she is currently talking to. Ione and I figgured that one out.

Poet's corner:
Money talks I'll not deny,
I heard it once, it said good by.

Esther's solution for balancing check book..and it works folks.
Esther has a terrible problem balancing her check book,but has solved the problem.
JoAnn told her Wayne didn't balance the check book and it was a mess and she was trying to figgure it out and she told me to tell him to just write in ESP by the error. Just make the adjustment and go away happy. And "what does ESP " mean I ask..she said 'Error Some Place.

So far today God, I am alright, I haven't gossiped, I haven't lost my temper, I haven't been grumpy, nasty or selfish . I AM REALLY GLAD OF THAT, but in a little while God, I am going to get out of bed and from then on, I'm probably going to need a lot of prayers.

March of 1998 letter.
From Wayne and Beth Hale:
Wayne had an interesting week end, the sewer line from one bathroom got squashed and while digging it up, mostly rock and some dirt to replace it he broke the main water line to the house. He ended up having to turn off all the water while Lori was babysitting several children whose parents were at the hospital.To put a temporary fix he had to cut off water including the bathroom in the garage. Ordinarily no big deal but he was replacing the tile in the girl's bathroom when the first sewer line quit, so for a few hours there  wasn't a bathroom anywhere working (ug) Then Leland and Wayne had to quit digging up the original sewer line because the rain turned to snow..oh yes it was raining..Wayne then decided to change the oil in Lori's car, at least he was out of the rain and or snow.Then when he got through and got the car off the ramps the driver's side window wouldn't roll up, you figgure that one out.It was real late when he got the window fixed and the door panel back on. That night there was to be a hard freeze and he remembered at midnight that his tempory 'fix' on the main water line was still exposed and he had to get to the nearest available dirt to cover it up..Wayne said Beth haden't noticed the hole in her flower bed yet. (note from Esther..Hey Beth about that hole in your flower bed, can you bring it up here? I need one just north of the house.

Hey Anne it's your time to get into trouble too..Is Darvin keeping you so busy you can't write? It's going to be dangerous for the deliquent one's that never send any telling what may come forth from these letters..More letters to come folks so tune in often.

What happens if you get
scared half to death twice?

Romans 5:19
For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners,
so by the obedience of one shall many be made rightious.

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