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Three Sisters Newsletters..... August 30th, 2015

We believe it was in 1988 that JoAnn, Ione and Esther started doing a family newsletter. Actually, it was JoAnn and Ione that started it but they  had a talent for getting me into stuff. ( I wouldn't have had it any other way) We have a  bunch of relatives and if you noticed the date we didn't have all these cell phones and etc. in 1988. In order to stay in touch with family we ask aunts, cousins and anyone else who would claim kin to us to write news about their families and we would publish their news along with ours in a monthly newsletter and we mailed them out 'snail mail'. I don't remember how many letters to relatives we sent out a month but it was several. We have decided to start putting excerpts from some of them on the family website...It has been fun reading back over them and able to see what we were doing all those years ago and how things have changed. Below is one article written by JoAnn July 1, 1989.
This is not a commercial. It has to do with me getting Wayne a portable phone for his birthday and Ione also got one.  We both have call waiting and we wanted to see if it worked on our new phones. I call Esther and tell her to call me and I'm going to be on the phone with Ione and will try to answer her call. She got cut off and tried to call me back. The operator said she had encountered an irregularity. That happened a couple of times. In the mean time Ione is calling me to see if we are going to do this and I finally get Esther so we can get on with it. Then Sharon ( Esther's daughter who lives in Sherman) started saying 'Hello Hello'  Now I am trying to figure out how she got into this. She says she is trying to call her mother. Then Wayne keeps asking me why the phone is ringing doing all this going back and forth. Finally Esther tells me that Sharon is at her house and on the extension, they are playing a joke on us. Sharon said the operator is right when she said Ione and I were irregularities. I don't think that was nice. Wayne just finished reading this newsletter and he thinks we are all irregular.

We also had a send a message section where someone could pass a message along to another relative
through the newsletter.

To: Velma
From: Ione
That pattern # is 9044 Simplicity.

We had a joke section:
I don't think I look 35 the man said to his wife on his birthday "Do you?"
"No "she replied but you use too"

"What's the matter officer" the motorist ask the traffic cop who pulled him over. "You just went through a stop sign" the officer replied. "I know the driver admitted but I did slow down"' " You're suppose to come to a complete stop" "What difference does it make" bellowed the driver. "Get out of the car please" As the man got out of the car the officer started hitting him over the head with his night stick. "now then would you like me to  slow down or stop?"

I had to do this newsletter rather quickly this time, during about the middle of it  started storming and lightening. Computers and storms do not go together real well even though I hope I have it protected with a spike. I had to turn it off several times. So some of your news is highlighted. I started at 6 o'clock and it is now midnight. I just wanted to remind you again that we are devoted..

We were asked when you should have your news in. It would help to have it in by the 25th of the month. Yo, Esther did you read the part about the 25th?

Because of complicated news reporting, irregularities, fake announcements, storms and technical difficulties..I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE.

This is just a part of the July 1st 1989 newsletter written by JoAnn. Stay tuned for more to come and if you read them you will laugh at a lot of memories. Since these newsletters were started some of our family have gone on to be with our Lord. Ione passed away in Janurary of 2014.. our mother in 1999, Coy and Velma a few years ago. You will read about them all over time.
We do hope all who read these will enjoy them as much as we did.

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