Saturday, January 16, 2016

Interesting evening for David and Sharon...Jan.15th.

Last night  Sharon called me and told me about their evening. She and David had gone to the Cotton Patch restaurant to eat supper in Denison. Mark called and ask Sharon how long she and David had been married and she told him that it was almost 41 years..WHY?..Seems he and Jana were on a scavenger hunt and they needed a picture of someone married over 30 years. They came on to Cotton Patch and made their picture. Then said they needed one of him proposing to Jana so he got down on his knees and customers all around were saying "ooooh and aawww" and they promptly explained they were already married and what they were doing. THEN next came the 'show' they needed a video of someone singing the Star Spangled Banner and anyone who knows David knows he was in his  element when he stood and sang The Star Spangled Banner,  he sang it well, and I am sure everyone in the restauarant enjoyed it. The waiter came and ask them what they were doing and Sharon explained it to him and he said "you all are awesome"...then some gal came by and said
"good singing." Sharon said she bet the Cotton Patch hadn't ever had that much excitement.

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