Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I got a kick out of this!

From Jo Ann

I received an email from someone that I didn't recognize. In fact, it was a phone number with an
extension of a popular carrier.  I usually do not open emails when I don't know where they came
from but I did this one. When I started reading it I thought it must be from someone putting malware or a virus on my computer and I felt a dread. This is a copy of it, read you will see what I mean:
Hey listen to this. I was walking from bdrm to kitchen to get more tea (11 pm) living room was dark and I heard something, stopped it stopped. Walked a few steps and heard something close, stopped, didn't hear it. looking behind me now and walking heard it, walked a little faster and kinda getting alarmed now stopped fast enough this time to figure out it was (are you ready for this) the ice in my tea glass rattling.
Since I already opened it I thought I would call the phone number (the email address that was a
phone number ) A lady answered and I asked whom I was talking with and she said "Reeda"

To make a short story shorter it was my nephew (Mike) who sent it to me. He's always teasing me
about being blonde ( I used to be) I have gotten a lot of blonde jokes from him and his brother Wayne
about being blonde. I told him I was going to start calling him blonde.  Those 2 brothers are something else. They have a sister, Sharon, who is real sweet but she can get herself into funny things too. Like the time she put super glue on her lips instead of lip balm by mistake.  I feel sorry for her though because they are always playing jokes on her.  Their mother turned gray early while raising them.

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  1. This is Esther...the mother if said children who did gray early and have given the hair color industry a lot business.