Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My sissy came

JoAnn tries to come visit around February of each year. She lives in San Antonio
and we don't get to see each other often and needless to say I really do look
forward to those visits.. Wayne usually visits with his sister while she is here.
This year Vicky was able to come and it was great to be with her too.
We planned it so other relatives could be here on one day so we could all get
together at once. Our niece Ann from Quitman, our cousin Barbara whom we had
not seen in years. Also my son Wayne and daughter Sharon came.
Sometimes our two Waynes get confused because JoAnn's husband is Wayne.
We just did sandwiches and desserts and laughed until we hurt.

One of the things that seemed so simple to begin with turned into uncontrollable
laughter. My first bill for my new cell phone was due that day. I gave Jo Ann the
information to pay it so I could go fix breakfast.
 First she tried calling the number 611 to pay from the cell phone. She kept
 getting a message that it wasn't a working number. She got on the internet
and contacted the chat line.  This lady kept saying that was not a working number.
Finally JoAnn told her it worked for everyone else because I was getting phone calls.
Vicky came into the kitchen and told me Jo Ann wanted to see me.
I smarted off I that I was a working CEO and if she wanted to see me she would have
to pay to see me. Also, I told Vicky all Jo Ann had to do was pay my phone bill.
Everybody is kidding so there was teasing back and forth. By this time we figured this
is a problem that needing solving and wasn't going to be simple by just paying the
bill. Another one of those pesky things where the company screws up some where and
you have to deal with unraveling it. Remember this went on for awhile with the lady
on the chat line kept apologizing because she couldn't figure out why she couldn't find
the problem or the phone number. At some point I realized Jo Ann was using my cell number
to try to pay my land line. I just put my hand over my mouth and said "OH!"
Jo Ann turned around in her chair and said "WHAT!?"
I just said.."I gave you the wrong number..that's my cell number and you are talking to
the company where I pay my land line bill.  She said "and now I have to tell that lady
I was using the wrong number!" I kinda felt like I needed to get out of
Dodge and told Vicky that I needed to finish breakfast and would she pay
my cell bill..JoANN told Vicky "don't you get involved with her"..Well, I did
give Vicky the correct number and she did take care of it for me..
I understand this is one situation that you would have just had to be
there to understand how funny this had developed, because it reached the
point that everything that was said was funny and we were laughing hard.
I must say that with all the confusion of paying my phone bills they
both did a good job. Payments were accepted and my phones weren't
cut off...thank you sissy and Vicky.
Love you both..

P.S. from JoAnn. The reason I told Vicky not to get involved with Esther is because I have
been around her a long time and she has gotten me into soooooooo many things, it has left
scars on me.

Psalm 119:105
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

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