Sunday, August 30, 2015

Things children say..August 29th 2015

Wayne is always trying to teach his grandchildren something. It may be something in the Bible that he wants them to learn or he is always asking them math questions.
Yesterday he was in the shop working on a trailer and was doing some measuring and Alex was with him. He asked Alex, who just completed his first week of kindergarten, "Alex how much is 22 minus 9" Alex replied "Wampa, you know I don't know history."  I also remember when Blake, who now is 13, was in Wee School, he came home one day and announced " I know what 7 UP is made from" when ask "what" he said "women and wine" instead of the lemon and lime he was taught he came home with the women and wine. It took him awhile to be able to pronounce his L' fact he would call Leland "Weland."
Update: fast forward to September 8th..
Jenny had laid out Jack's clothes on a chair and Jack ask "Mom are those clothes on the back of the chair the one's I am to get inside of"? Well, he got it right.

Note on a different subject:
Sharon gave me a beautiful plant sometime ago. Instead of dirt in the bottom it was moss.I put it on the table on the deck and noticed that just about everyday there was a clump of moss pulled outside leaving a big hole. One day I noticed a squirrel digging it out. I have always thought the little squirrels were cute running around on the deck.( Not everyone in our family likes squirrels..yo,JoAnn) but I have not had the damage from them that they have. After seeing the little varmint  digging in my flower I figured it was looking for water so I put a heavy dish filled with water on the table beside the flower and no more moss gone out of my plant. We have seen a squirrel drinking from it as well as birds, in fact one little bird takes a bath and slings water all over the place. Well, all God's creatures need water..right? Umm, best I don't see a snake though.

John 31:32
If you continue in My Word,
then you are truly a diciple of
mine, and you will know
the truth and the truth
will make you free.

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